Disciplines - 3d modelling

As well as high quality aerial video and photography, Aaron of AerialScotland has created a range of both public and private 3D models for clients. A statement from Aaron is below.

"I do not use automated flight planning software for 3d modelling, instead I tailor each flight to the shape of the building or site being scanned, and of course the topography of the land, because of this you will see higher quality models".

The method used is called Photogrammetry, a bit of a science, but once you get the hang of it you can capture a dataset and recreate an object, building, land etc as a virtual clone. AerialScotland can recreate very realistic virtual clones, that can be rotated, zoomed etc on almost any pc or mobile device. Below you can explore some of the public models created, note client models and white label models are not public.