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Aaron Sneddon, CAA approved operator for Aerial Scotland provides dramatic aerial video for broadcast and media.

CAA ref: 20180830 Aaron Sneddon Trading As Aerial Scotland 1994 Permissions. Aaron has permissions to fly any drone with a max weight of 20KG. Permissions available until August 2019.

At Aerial Scotland, I understand its important for clients to receive high quality video.

Due to clients requesting footage straight from the camera, footage that can be edited without huge resources, I have switched from the Inspire X5R to using only the DJI Phantom 4 Pro in normal situations. The Phantom 4 Pro shoots at 100Mbs at 60FPS, quality is more than enough for all TV requirements. If you do require RAW footage, the X5R is there, ready to fill the gap!

Having worked previously worked as a pool press photographer on numerous live film sets in Scotland, Aaron understands the on set ethics and technical requirements of aerial video for film. Aaron provides aerial still image and aerial video footage for UK print and broadcast media.

For straightforward video sequences the footage can be edited and exported on site when required. Aerial Scotland uses Adobe Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve on the latest I7 Quad Core Alienware laptop.

For news and events, it is possible to book Aaron for your event in the UK, Europe, in fact anywhere in the world usually with only 1 weeks notice.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions

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