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Kite Aerial Photographer Scotland - Eco Friendly Aerial Photography
Commercial KAP Kite Aerial Photography Services

AerialScotland utilise the power of the wind to provide a great alternative to the helium kite/balloon hybrid and better resolution by far to traditional aerial photography from aircraft.

KAP Kite Aerial Photography services

KAP Kite Aerial Photography

Giving great images of large rural sites, farm houses, building sites, golf courses and archaeological sites, KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) is used by AerialScotland.

Aerial Photography services

KAP Kite  Photography services

Providing the location is not heavily built up, AerialScotland can get the remote control aerial camera rig up with ease on most days, if there is rain, there is no need to take the images, the kite can come down and wait, you cant do this with traditional aircraft aerial imaging!

kite aerial photography

KAP kite

Above: Historic Scotland property in Scotland using Kite by AerialScotland

Public Liability insurance covers all services AerialScotland provides, and the expertise is second to none.

Kite Aerial Photography is eco friendly. There is no aircraft fuel used and no helium produced or used as opposed to the Helikite.

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