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Scottish Pole Aerial Photography for low level imaging

Pole Aerial Photography is great for both short and long term low level photographic aerial requirements in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands.

Whether you are an estate agent in the Highlands looking to make your property images stand out, a private property seller looking to sell your home with style or a business looking for an alternative to boring "From the ground" promo images of your office, AerialScotland's Pole Aerial Photography service may just be for you. With AerialScotland there is only one way to go and thats up!

Private property pole aerial photograph

Above: Private property pole aerial photograph from the bottom of a steep drive.

pole aerial panorama

Above: Scaled down version of a Ultra high resolution pole aerial panorama, Boat of Garten, Scotland

Pole aerial photograph

Above: Pole aerial photograph of section of the A9 road, Tomatin

AerialScotland only uses original hardware and uses all Nikon equipment.

Business? Ask for a free demonstration in the Aviemore, Kingussie, Newtonmore and Inverness area.

Pole aerial photograph of CAT machine

Above: Pole aerial photograph of CAT machine at quarry near Aberdeen, Scotland

Email [email protected] for a free quote.

The Alsopp Helikite

AerialScotland uses Helikites!

AerialScotland uses Helikites

Above: Helikite in use in London City.

In all comparative military and civilian trials, Helikites, out-performed all other designs of aerostats for stability in wind, altitude and payload. As a result, Helikites are in use with numerous civilian, research and military organisations worldwide. The unique patented SkyShot Helikite is a superbly stable aerial platform giving sharp photos even on windy days. The Helikite takes superb high or low altitude shots.

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